Just a Developer

A mini-rant on the annoyances of specialization

Just a Developer

The explosion of languages, frameworks and platforms in the software development world has created a bit of a double edged sword for those fancying themselves as technical generalists capable of doing just about anything. On the one hand it's created a world of ever more shiny new things offering a limitless supply of new toys to experiment with. On the other it's highlighted the stark difference between what I'll classify as coders and developers - making interactions with recruiters and other technical-interfacing leypersons increasingly more infuriating.

In my grossly generalized world the Coder can be identified by their battling cry: "That's a <not-my-tech> problem, I'm a <my-tech-proficiency> developer". The Coder is characterized by his proficiency in a narrow range of chosen skills. The Coder will progresses and becomes better in his niche by sheer practice and repetition alone.

By contrast the Developer's single greatest skill is in being an applied learner. Quite simply the Developer has a knack for grokking new [languages|frameworks|platoforms] and becoming proficient very quickly. There is no problem beyond their reach for they enjoy building at any level stack.

So, before you ask again ... NO I AM NOT A:
... back-end developer
... front-end developer
... java developer
... React developer
... <insert (language|framework|paradigm)> developer...

for my fundamental understanding of the underlying principles and my willingness and propensity to learn whatever is asked of me means ...

I am JUST a Developer